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everyone within the organizations, partnerships and related flight crews have the responsibility of food safety by law. each person has a moral responsibility to safeguard each other, our customers, and the vendors. our invoiced and prepared food is from a licensed facility with liability insurance, inspection records, along with health department approval following ALERT, and HAACP high-risk guidelines. delivered food needs to be held at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for all cold food. for prepared hot food, the safety temperature is above 165 degrees Fahrenheit for seventeen consistent (17) seconds. our facilities may process tree nuts. delivered contents may contain trace amounts of peanuts, wheat, soy and dairy ingredients. WARNING: consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illnesses. WARNING: consumable hot & cold prepared food for compensation, for profit, for non-profit, for-trade or for-barter served on a part 91, subpart K or part 135 aircraft departing the state of Florida by law will be prepared in a licensed, inspected, insured and legal food production facility. in addition to existing state and federal food production laws, a certified food handler [manager] position is required to supervise production under a general liability insurance policy within the facility. in addition, the certified food handler [manager] position is required to be on file as active payroll. private domicile or shared travel food production facilities are illegal for consumable hot and cold food preparation in accordance to state and federal laws. foodborne illness and liability will be primary to these third-party vendors prior to invocation of liability coverage from Fly Guys Catering LLC. prepared food must be consumed within six (6) hours of delivery for best results and held at proper temperatures after transfer of liability with temperature documented chain of command. all records on file at listed inspection addresses. menu depicts serving suggestions only. all rights reserved. menu expires on pre-selected date in 2022. prices subject to change without notice. refer to cancellation and other policies on our website or call your dining specialist for more information. 2022 FLY GUYS CATERING for matter of record only.

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