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Taste The Passion in Every Bite

With over a decade of experience working at restaurants from the Las Vegas Strip to South Beach, Owner and Executive Chef Westin Ross decided to take his talents to a more personalized level by starting his own catering company. With his wife being a Corporate Flight Attendant, he has seen firsthand the struggles that CFA’s go through on a daily basis to try to find a caterer that will provide them with high quality food that presents well and tastes even better than it looks. At Fly Guys our mission is to make the lives of those who confide in us easier by providing personalized service to meet your needs. We understand the constraints of working in confined spaces so we make sure to package our catering orders in a way that will make them not only easier to store but we also provide ways to keep the food at a safe temperature throughout the flight. We are here to take the stress out of ordering catering for your next trip and will work with you to ensure that every meal is a complete success, whether it’s a simple breakfast for 2 or a seven-course meal for 10; we’ve got your covered and we are just a text or call away!

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